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We offer basic and high end packages, and based on your specific needs, also offer customized packages. These are packed with everything that you need for a professional web visibility and high-end approach including technical support. We try to make customized packages to fit as many features as possible.

Our value based customized packages come with a few key elements and we also offer customized packages based on our clients’ needs. We offer packages for basic SEM as well as advanced and/ or specialized SEM needs.

- Fuser SEM Starter. This covers the below elements of SEM:

1) Website Submission
2) Social Bookmarking
3) PR and Article Writing and Distribution
4) Author account creation

- Fuser SEM Advanced. This package covers the below elements of SEM:

1) Social Bookmarking
2) PR and Article Writing and Distribution
3) QnA Posting
4) Competition analysis
5) Site analysis
6) Creation of Social Media Profile and Maintenance

- Fuser SEM Specialised

1) Social Media Profiles setup
2) Weekly Articles Submission
3) Article sharing to Popular Document Sharing sites
4) Creation of Twitter Account and Maintenance
5) Social Bookmarking (daily for 90 days)
6) Social Media Content at top 30 SM Sites
7) Coupon distribution to 50 coupon sites
8) USA Local Business Listing
9) Video submission and optimization

Pick from any one of these or call us for customized packages suited to your specific needs.